Victim Advocacy

Beth Reagle and Allyson Scanlon work for the Clarina Howard Nichols Center as advocates for victims and their families experiencing domestic, sexual, and stalking violence. They have been assigned to the Lamoille County Child Advocacy Center to guide victims, both adults and children as well as their families, through this difficult, confusing and sometimes frustrating process. Their role is to be here to support survivors. All services are completely free and confidential.

Some of the things they can assist survivors with:

• Provide support and assistance in understanding the system

• Provide information on the status of an investigation and prosecution

• Preparation to testify in depositions and/or trials

• Attend hearings, trials and court proceedings with the survivors/families

• Help identify community, financial and counseling resources

• Listen, empathize and hear the concerns of survivors throughout the process

Most importantly, they are here to go through this process with survivors so they will not be alone.

For more information please contact:
 Beth Reagle at 802-730-0282(cell) 802-888-0508(office) or email
 Allyson Scanlon at 802-730-0806 (cell) or 802-888-2584(office) or email