How to Make a Report

If you have been a victim of a sexual assault or domestic abuse crime you should immediately contact the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction for the town in which you live. The Police agency will take the report and conduct an initial evaluation of your case. If the incident meets established criteria, the case will be referred to LCSIU for investigation. In some circumstances the incident may not meet established criteria necessary for referral to LCSIU or the SIU detectives may be unavailable, at which time the case will be handled by the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction in your area.

If you live here...

Contact this agency

Belvidere, Cambridge, Jeffersonville, Eden, Elmore, Waterville

Vermont State Police: 802-878-7111

Hyde Park, North Hyde Park, Johnson, Wolcott, North Wolcott

Lamoille County Sheriff's Department: 802-888-3502

Morrisville, Morristown

Morristown Police Department: 802-888-4211

Stowe, Moscow

Stowe Police Department: 802-253-7126


If you are the victim of a sexual assault or a domestic assault you are encouraged to seek medical attention. A victim of sexual assault should go to the Emergency room of the closest hospital. At the hospital you will be asked to participate in a medical evidentiary examination performed by a specially trained doctor or nurse. The purpose of the exam is to identify any physical injuries that require medical attention, and to collect physical evidence and document findings that can be used to identify, prosecute, and convict the perpetrator.

How do I make a report?
Call 1-800-649-5285 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). 

If a child is in immediate danger, dial 911 or call your local police first.  Then, call Family Services Division (FSD) to make a report. Calling law enforcement is not the same as reporting to FSD. You must notify FSD directly.

If you are a mandated reporter and suspect a child may have been abused or neglected, you are required by law to report your suspicion to the Department of Children and Families within 24 hours. Visit the DCF Mandated Reporting Page to view more information on the changes to ACT60 regarding mandated reporting or click on the "letter from Cindy Walcott, Deputy Commissioner, Family Services Division" detailing the changes.

While we encourage you to use your local law enforcement as an initial contact, please feel free to contact LCSIU directly if you have questions about any of the crimes that are listed on the home page.

Links to Agencies:

Vermont State Police

Morrisville Police Department

Stowe Police Department

Lamoille County Sheriff's Department

Department for Children and Families