The Lamoille County Special Investigation Unit (LCSIU) is a multi-disciplinary task force created to conduct criminal investigations and provide victim services in response to reports of child sexual abuse, sexual offenses, domestic assault, serious child physical abuse, as well as abuse of vulnerable adults and the elderly in Lamoille County, Vermont. These cases require special expertise in the area of investigation, prosecution, and victim advocacy to enhance protection, facilitate court proceedings, and assure accountability. LCSIU proactively investigates all reports of abuse and will aggressively prosecute any substantiated crime.

The goal of the operation of LCSIU is to promote cooperative efforts between municipalities, police agencies, prosecutor's office, the medical community, child protection services, and victim advocacy groups. LCSIU will strive to conduct quality investigations that result in prosecution, reduce stress and trauma to the victim, and protect the victim and community.

In June of 2016 the board of the Lamoille County Special Investigation Unit made a decision to move forward with the next natural step of progression and established our unit as a Child Advocacy Center. We received recognition and status as an Associate Member with the National Children’s Alliance. With this membership, our center is held to a high set of standards. As members we will be working towards full accreditation over the next 5 years.

In August of 2016 the newly formed Lamoille County Child Advocacy Center and LCSIU moved into their own space located in the Grant House at 111 Main St. in Hyde Park. This new space enhances our ability to provide a safe, comfortable and child friendly space for victims and their families. As well as a better working environment for our detectives, victim advocate and prosecutor to interview and meet with victims.

We look forward to serving the people of Lamoille County as we grow our Center.

Providing "Justice and Support for Survivors of Abuse"